A Rose Gold Match

By: Elaluz Team

Elaluz’s main metal, copper, marries perfectly with glowing Ring Concierge rose gold jewelry.


There’s something about the delicate blush of rose gold that does wonders for every skin tone. The warm hue flatters without overwhelming; it softens features as it complements more traditional metals, like silver and yellow gold. Perhaps rose gold’s ability to play well with others—in beauty and in jewelry—has to do with its origins; the metal’s rosy color derives from the comingling of pure gold with copper alloys and silver—the more copper, the more intense the rose-colored tone.

Because copper plays a starring role in Elaluz’s color story, a marriage between rose gold jewelry and Elaluz’s line strikes the perfect chord. But how should you style this trend-forward metal? New York-based Ring Concierge, a female-operated fine jeweler founded upon empowering, trailblazing, disrupting and welcoming inclusivity—all ideas that align with Elaluz’s ethos—offers their tips on everything rose gold, from layering pieces smartly to choosing the right outfit to make your blushing jewelry pop.


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photos by @ringconcierge


Go Nude

Nothing spotlights rose gold’s shine like a subdued neutral-focused palette. When layered against muted nudes and neutrals, the delicate pink metal instantly becomes enhanced, lending it the vibrancy often associated with yellow gold. When planning your outfit, choose beiges, browns or pale pinks as your rose gold jewelry’s backdrop for a look that’s effortlessly elegant.

Stack Them Up

Why choose one when more is so fun? Stack bracelets or rings to bring extra flash to this understated metal. To truly elevate the look, pick pieces with different shapes and textures, like a mix of pavé and polished finishes for rings or chunky bold chain links balanced with dainty bracelets bedecked in diamonds. Think diversity; high contrast between pieces yields more striking style. 

Mix and Match Your Metals

Still love white and yellow gold? No need to nix them; bring them into the mix with your rose gold jewelry. Perhaps one of the most eye-catching ways to wear rose gold, the multi-metal blend makes a bold statement. For a foolproof approach, opt for jewelry that mixes metals for you; these synergistic pieces exude chic without requiring any work on your part.

The next time you reach for your favorite Elaluz product, be sure to slip on some rose gold jewelry; with so many different ways to wear this blushing metal with copper-toned beauty, you’ll be certain to double your glow-up!





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