Light is everything to our founder, Camila Coelho. It's recognizing your own unique light from within and believing in yourself, your individuality. And it’s the inspiration for the name Elaluz, which means “she is light” in Camila’s native Portuguese.


She perfected her first red lip for a passport photo at age 6 and soon after learned her grandmother’s secret recipes for homemade hair masks and skin creams. This love of beauty helped carry Camila through an epilepsy diagnoses as well as her challenges with the disease in her teens. Her struggles inspired her to discover her own light — that part of her that was inherently special, that was worthy of being celebrated, that knew deep inside that being different is beautiful.


That passion for personal truth is the heartbeat of Elaluz.


It led her to start a career as a makeup artist, and today, create her dream for all to share. To that end, nothing is launched without being road-tested and perfected by Camila herself. If a formula isn’t good enough for her, it isn’t good enough for you and it won’t get made. And when a product truly makes her shine, we’re confident it can bring out your light, too.


Light is a way of being for Coelho. Her entire brand is designed to help you capture the energy, warmth and confidence that comes from your individual light and amplify it outward, so you’re at your most beautiful.


You are light. You are Elaluz.

Camila's Philosophy


Your skincare should come first as your priority when it comes to beauty. While there’s nothing we can do to erase the signs of time, there are things we can do to prolong looking like your best self.


"Our products are designed to enhance your features rather than cover them. They’re simple to use, practical enough for everyday and made to work, beautifully."


Haircare is just as much a part of beauty as makeup and skincare. Our hair is our power, on good hair days, we automatically feel more confident… the right products can change your look completely.

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